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Possibility Playground - 
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What if the purpose of life is to have fun?

Remember the carefree days when you were young? Did you wake up early, excited to start your day? Do you recall all the possibilities - riding bikes, exploring the neighborhood with friends, walking with your bestie to grab “a slice” in town?

If your youth was anything like mine, I would leave the house first thing in the morning and wouldn’t return until dusk. Most of the time my parents didn’t even know where I was! I was free to choose according to my JOY, free to follow the energy.

And do you recall how eeeaaassssy it was to make friends? Without the walls and barriers, without the judgement that creep in as adults, communion was effortless. Spy someone your own size, or better yet a “big kid”, exchange names, and you were off to the races! Every park, every playground a garden of limitless possibility!

What if all of that (and more) is still within reach?

Possibility Playground is a monthly subscription invitation to the adventure of living your best life right now. Easy friendships and the play of discovering you, your passions and your capacities - all with a focus on fun and joy, not just problem-solving.

Filled with exuberance, Possibility Playground will thrill and delight you on your journey to creating greater.

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Being You Being With Them
2022 - Ongoing Subscription

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I am so lit up about the people in the world who are truly desiring to empower kids and show them what is possible beyond conclusion and control.

In fact, one of the most stunning aspects was how it allowed us to un-parent ourselves in the process.

What the heck is un-parenting? 

Well, so often when we start to look at our habits, patterns, and the places we feel stuck in life, it traces all the way back to when we were little. 

Did you ever have a situation with a teacher or parent or adult stick you and then you carried that through your whole life even if it wasn't relevant anymore?

It's mind-blowing what we carry with us from when we were little. It's also amazing what's possible when we clear that crap out!

Are you ready for a totally different conversation?

Let’s go!

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Same Sh*t, Different Day

Live & Online
February 19, 2022


Do you ever feel like you’re in the movie Groundhog Day? You know, the one where Bill Murray wakes up every day deciding to do it differently but when it’s all said and done he finds himself the next morning stuck in the same loop of mediocrity.

Can you relate to this predicament? Do you feel trapped in the routine of a job you don't particularly like? Circling your money problems? Do you have trouble connecting with others on a deep level? Do you function OK, but know you can be happier?

Welcome to “Same Sh*t, Different Day”, a Being You class where we finally poke our heads out of the hole and look at how to create the changes we most desire. We will ask some questions, practice tools and play with facilitation that can set you free from all the loops.

Now, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but ultimately "Groundhog Day" is a movie about possibility. The message is that people can choose to be something different. Just like Bill Murray’s character, you will find that being you and choosing something new is the only path to joy!

Same Sh*t, Different Day happens on February 19th, from 9 AM to 6 PM PST. Will you join me for a day of change? If you do, I predict an early Spring … and a greater life!

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