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Being You Beauty - Replay January 2022

Being You Beauty is an invitation to change the world.
This class invites the energy of oneness. Undefining one of the elements that separates us. We are taught to find what is beautiful through the media and then judge ourselves by that impossible standard. We also learn to judge those that fall into that “beautiful” category as having it easy, for not working hard enough, or even make them prove that they can also be nice or more than their beauty. We use the color of our skin as another excuse to separate, or in the same vein “find our people”, instead of celebrating the beauty in all our differences.

Today’s world and how it shows us what "is" and "is not beautiful" is having our kids grow up with an inherent sense of … judgment… of themselves, their bodies and their beauty (or lack thereof in their point of view). It’s time we start to change it… by changing our points of view that limit us from finding the beauty in everyone and everything.

Whether you wear a bare face or a full face of makeup, complete with false lashes, you are invited to this conversation. YOU create this movement as a possibility.

Whether you’re a woman seeking a different possibility other than self judgement, or you’re a man that thinks he doesn’t have anything to add… YOU invite a deeper conversation.

Whether you believe “beauty” to be superficial or you wear a different lipstick for each day of the week, YOU are included here.

What if it is our definitions of beauty that limit us from receiving all of the beauty we truly be?
Join the conversation.  Be a part of the movement.
*This two hour class took place on January 23, 2022. Product includes English audio + video, as well as Portuguese, Russian audio translation, Romanian audio + video translation*