Being You Being With Them Presents Keeping Up With Appearances

How much, my dear sweet friend, are you trying to keep up appearances with the world?

We do it EVERYWHERE. From our social media, to what we are willing to share with others about our lives.

Here’s an unpopular opinion: even most parents try to get their kids to do the “right” thing so that THEY as the parents won’t be judged.


But here’s the thing - when we do that as parents, we are teaching our kids to do the same thing in their own lives.

How much are you attempting to avoid judgment in your life?
Whether you are a parent or not, how significant have you made other people’s judgments of you?

What if…we could let go of this need of appearances?
What could become available from there?

Join me Feb 21st at 11am PST for a totally different conversation.

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February 21st @ 11 AM PST 
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