How Facilitating Being You Classes Exploded My Business

When I first started exploring the Access Consciousness tools in my life, I kept trying to “do” them like I saw everyone else using them.

As you might imagine, this didn’t actually go very well. The tools still worked, but I didn’t have the ease and magic with them that I knew was available.

Enter the Being You Changing the World book and classes. 😂
Same tools with a slightly different energy and approach.

I quickly saw how not only was this the secret sauce for making the these tools even more potent in my own life….but that they invited everyone to THEIR knowing in a really beautiful and unique way.

And, when you choose to facilitate a class called BEING YOU, you have a very tough time avoiding being you. 😉 You pretty much HAVE to explore and see what that is for you.

What happened next I could never have expected: my business exploded.

What began as a foundation for facilitating classes became this huge invitation and pull.

I’d love to share with you about this experience and see how I can contribute to you in your facilitating business.

Join me for a FREE call, I’ll share some tricks and awarenesses I’ve learned along the way, and open up the space for questions as well.

🗓️ Class time and date: 

November 28th @ 10 AM PST.
Your time in the world HERE.

This call is in English, and Translation may be available upon request. Please select your preferred language during checkout and confirmed language lines will be sent via email 24h before the call. Please note, if it is 48 hours or less before the call and you request a language, it may not get approved - watch your email for updates!

Please note that the class recordings will be sent to you via email and you will be able to download them from our box link.


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