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What Do You Know That You Haven't Acknowledged Yet?

When I started playing with the Access Consciousness tools, I tried to do them like everyone else.

In fact, I did this in a lot of places in my life:
Identify someone who seems to be doing something well
Do the things they do, imitating the way they do them

But, the funny thing is, that never really worked, and it definitely didn’t light up my life.
Truly, I was just plagiarizing.

It can be so easy to do that with any toolbox we gain.
We look to the person who gave us the tools as the source - the one who knows more.

It wasn’t until I started to play with the Being You tools, and became more aware of ME that everything really opened up in an exponential way.

Now, I ask to infuse the Being You energy into everything I create, even facilitating Access Consciousness classes.

You see, these tools really came alive when I realized I didn’t have to “do” them like anyone else.

So whether you are brand new to the Access Consciousness tools or have been playing with them for years, I love exploring what you know and seeing what I can contribute to you!

Join me March 25th from 10am-12pm pst for a FREE call exploring the yummy space of YOU! Your time in the world is HERE.

This Zoom is in English and translation is available on request. Confirmed languages will be posted here.

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