Being You Call: Intimidation & Manipulation Product March 2023


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Are there energies that you are unwilling to be?

Most of us have a few 😉
What do you think would happen if you were willing to be them?

For me, I never wanted to be a bitch or be intimidating.
I desired for EVERYONE to feel included and welcomed around me.
In fact, I devoted myself to over-giving to everyone around me to prove it.

But, you know what’s funny?
I’ve been told over and over again how intimidating I am. 🤣
Guess a girl can’t always win. 😉

I was trying so hard not to be it, that I couldn’t even acknowledge that it was something I can just inherently be.

Talk about a blind spot!

You see, there’s a funny thing that occurs when we aren’t willing to be something: we cannot receive or access that part of ourselves even when it would create ease.

And, here’s a super secret tip, the key word is “willing.”
It doesn't mean that you then become that energy always and forever and are defined by it.
You don’t suddenly grow into a runaway bitch, slut, or whatever thing you’re avoiding.

It just becomes easier to tap into and be that energy when you desire or require.

But, in that lies another conundrum: being willing to manipulate.

How willing are you to manipulate a situation?

Manipulation tends to get a bad rap because we’ve all seen people who use it for their own gain and to others detriment.

And, most of us would never desire to be THAT.

But, I also know that you’re lying to me to a certain degree.
We’ve ALL manipulated before to attempt to get a certain outcome.

Whether it be with our kids, friends, lovers, or at work.
What could open up if we owned the willingness to do so?

What if what exists beyond the avoidance and resistance and reactive realities was the possibility of generative manipulation?

The willingness to BE whatever is required in a moment to create greater for everyone?

I’ve been asked to do a call on manipulation for a long time, and truthfully, I was avoiding it.
It kinda felt like it would expose something about me. 🤣

But, I’ve been asking to see the gift in being willing to be whatever energy is required, and it’s been showing me a LOT!

Who’s ready to dive into the taboo realms with me??


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