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Being You in Relationship - August 2021


Whatever the label, we spend a LOT of time and energy on love and relationships. 
You choosing this class is an acknowledgement of that. Go, YOU! 😉
Many of us spend our whole lives trying to bend, fold, staple and mutilate ourselves into a contracted version of us that people expect us to be.
We get fed so many points of views and conclusions about what relationship IS supposed to be and NOT be.
What if none of that is actually true? What if relationship could be less about projections, expectations and judgments and more about the amazing gift and adventure we can be for each other when we choose to truly be us?
What if it all actually starts by you being willing to truly be you – even when there are other people around?
Join Sarah Grandinetti for an exploratory adventure in the land of Relationship.
As a mother of four, a business owner, a contributor to Access Consciousness with a 22 year relationship with her husband, she knows the myriad of stresses of other people's needs AND still choosing to be YOU and have your reality.
Her comedic wit coupled with kindness and charm will surely make looking at this often sticky topic, at minimum, a lot of fun!
What else is possible with ALL of your relationships... including the one you have with YOU?

 What you'll receive

  • Audio and video recordings in English, audio recording in French