Being You, Being With Them - Geting Out of Reaction as a Parent

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Have you ever caught yourself in total reaction to a situation?

Maybe something someone did or said?
Ya, me too 😂 In fact, it’s like I can’t un-see it when it happens now.

With the reactive realities conversations that are being explored within Access Consciousness classes right now, it’s like the volume knob just got turned way up and I see it everywhere.

Do you ever wonder how much we function from the autopilot of reaction?
At work, with our kids, our partners and family.

Isn't it interesting how when a situation occurs, we rarely receive it with no point of view?

Instead it’s like we have all these trigger switches and booby traps ready to activate if certain topics are mentioned or energies are present.

And don’t even get me started on parenting in reaction. 😂

Just kidding, you can get me started, there’s actually a LOT I’d like to explore there.

Most of us were parented from reaction and still living with the ghosts of those experiences.

And, then, for those who are parents, we take that in as a secret imprinting for how to be with our kids.

What if it’s possible to live beyond reaction?

To be with every choice and situation in space and receiving and knowing we get to choose what we’d like to create?

Let’s explore!

Join me on March 30th @ 8 AM PST on my upcoming Being You Being With Them call, Parenting Beyond Reaction. Your time in the world HERE.

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