Creating Change By Being You - April 2023 Product

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Truth, were you ever told growing up that you were an energetic being? And, by “energetic” we don’t just mean someone with a lot of pent up energy! 😉 Although it can sometimes look like that.

Rather, were you invited to explore and follow your awareness even if it didn’t match what was expected?

Most of us weren’t, and because of that we perpetuate this illusion that we are not as aware as we are.

We’re all still aware, but without tools then those awarenesses get misidentified into other things that can create a LOT of crunch in your life.

Join Sarah Grandinetti and Emily Evans Russell for a totally different conversation and exploration into the energetic being you truly are: Creating Change By Being You.

Even if just for this call, you are invited to acknowledge the very nature of your being, which is energy. You have always been this, and still are it, even if you were never acknowledged for it.

On this free hour-long call, Sarah and Emily will invite you to the possibilities that become available when you claim, own, and acknowledge your innate capacities with energy.

We know that “energy” can seem like such an abstract concept that’s only for gurus and healers.

But, in actuality it is a language we all speak and have the ability to navigate and even use for creating our lives every single day.

In fact, to acknowledge it and step into the brilliance of these capacities can create an ease that is unfathomable.

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