Being You, Being With Them Zoom Call September 2022

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Inspired by every moment and possibility explored in my year-long Being You Being with Them group, I'm now offering monthly calls open to everyone.

I am so lit up about the people in the world who are truly desiring to empower kids and show them what is possible beyond conclusion and control.  The amazing people who were a part of this group showed me what is possible when we come together to clear out the b.s. and invite in a totally different adventure.  

What really stood out to me about these calls was that they weren't "just about parenting".  Each question & discussion rippled through and related to everyone.  Whether you have kids, work with kids or are a kid at heart these conversations apply to everyone. 

In fact, one of the most stunning aspects was how it allowed us to un-parent ourselves in the process.

What the heck is un-parenting? 
 Well, so often when we start to look at our habits, patterns, and the places we feel stuck in life, it traces all the way back to when we were little. 
Did you ever have a situation with a teacher or parent or adult stick you and then you carried that through your whole life even if it wasn't relevant anymore?

It's mind-blowing what we carry with us from when we were little. It's also amazing what's possible when we clear that crap out!

Are you ready for a totally different conversation?

September 20th @ 9:00 AM PST. Your time in the world HERE.

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