Misfit Merriment: A Whole New World

Are you craving a different kind of holiday magic this season?!

Forget the classic holiday tales, what can WE create together?

During the holidays, when all the family history and what has been, and what should be gets stirred up…

And, the reflection over the last year and looking towards the year to come activates…

So often, we fall into the repetition of everything.

What if this holiday season we hit the reset button instead and break free of the repetition of what we already know?

What would it look like to create a whole new world of possibilities?

Join us and our merry band of misfits for a 7-day celebration.

Each day, our hosts, Sarah Grandinetti and Kate Sarton, will chat with some of your favorite irreverent changemakers.

Exploring what opens up when we shift a point of view, or two, and own your difference in the world.

Misfit Merriment invites you to celebrate the misfit you truly be and craft your life in a way that really lights you up.

Our 7-day adventure will occur in a private Facebook group from December 13-19

Grab your ticket here and you’ll be emailed all the details!

25% of all proceeds go to support the El Lugar project in Costa Rica

🗓️ Lives Schedule

December 13 @ 3 PM PST
December 14 @ 9 AM PST
December 15 @ 3 PM PST
December 16 @ 9 AM PST
December 17 @ 1 PM PST
December 18 @ 3 PM PST
December 19 @ 9 AM PST

🎧 Languages

This series is in English and translation is confirmed in: Arabic, Czech, Estonian, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. Some translations may be delayed. Delayed translations will be available for download within 48 hours. 


All the lives in English are streamed in a Facebook group and the recordings can be rewatched anytime. All language recordings will be available for download from box link.

$15.00 USD

By making this purchase I agree to the terms and conditions of this website, including the audio and video release, and to receive communication from Sarah Grandinetti.