Giddy Up - February 2023

Webinar with Connor Hill and Alison Cox

This webinar took place on February 11th 2023. Purchase the recordings here!

What if horses can gift to us in a way that we haven’t even begun to imagine?

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider is a series of workshops designed to help you enhance your experience of life through communication and communion with horses.

With Conscious Horse Conscious Rider,
you can discover:
Trust: Discover a profound sense of trust, including an unwavering trust in yourself and your own choices.

Presence: Learn how to step out of your head and be present in the world around you.

Leadership: Understand the subtle nuances of true leadership. Learn to recognize how you are ‘being’ and how to create greater for yourself.

All of this, and more, you can learn from a horse.

Join Connor Hill and Alison Cox for a one hour Giddy Up webinar where you can ask them anything about the Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider classes.



This webinar includes video and audio recording in English and audio recording of translation in German and Russian.

$10.00 USD

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