Creating Magic with your Enthusiasm April 2023 Product

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Have you ever acknowledged that your enthusiasm is one of the energies that can fuel your asks?

You might be thinking: “what do you mean, Sarah?”

Well, whenever we ask for something,
trusting that by asking you shall receive,
enthusiasm is actually what gives life to your ask.

✨Your enthusiasm to receive whatever it is you are asking for is an energetic flow to the ask. It bursts out into the universe and creates it with more ease.

✨So what if with every ask, you could add enthusiasm? Engage with the energy of what it would be like when it actualizes, and what you’re going to create with it.

✨The enthusiasm for living is a huge component in creating the life you'd like to have and the things you desire.

Sometimes we ask for something and we can get a little bit impatient.
I’m probably the only one who does that, right? 😉

Sometimes if it doesn’t show up in the next 10 minutes or even within the next month, we start to conclude that something must be wrong,
or you must be wrong,
or that it’s not going to show up,
then you may begin to shut off the energy to your ask, which is where you can cut off your enthusiasm.

BUT what if you asked to turn it up instead?!

What if every day you could be even MORE enthusiastic about your asks?

What would creating your life from that space and energy be like?

And remember, it never shows up how you think it’s going to. 😉

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