I'm Fu**ing Awesome (And You Are Too)


An adventure in truly Acknowledging the Gift of You

What if today you KNEW that you were fucking awesome?

You see, when you acknowledge that you are actually fucking awesome, then it’s just the choices that you make towards that awesomeness each day.

From there, you don’t have to live with the smallness anymore.

But you have to be willing to start somewhere.

Would you be willing to say to yourself today, “I’m fucking awesome!” ?

Just allow that to be an acknowledgment that is truth for you and let it ripple through your world.

Go on….try it. Say it out loud right now. 😉 I dare you. Yes, OUT LOUD!
How was it??? Did you like it maybe a little??? Say it again!!

We did this on my Stop Playing Small call and it was amazing to see how much joy and lightness it brought to everyone’s world!

We couldn’t stop saying it!

It inspired me so much that I created a call all about it!
Would you like to come play in the awesomeness of it all?

It’s only $9!

Join me September 30th at 9am PDT….or don’t, because it might be more fun than you want to know!

Class time and date: September, 30th at 9 AM PDT. Your time in the world HERE.

This call is in English, and Translation may be available upon request. Please select your preferred language during checkout and confirmed language lines will be sent via email 24h prior to the call. Please note, if it is 48 hours or less before the call and you request a language, it may not get approved - watch your email for updates!

Please note that the class recordings will be sent to you via email and you will be able to download them from our box link.

$9.00 USD

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