Possibilities With Parenting

After exploring parenting with the tools of Access Consciousness for two years in a potent membership series - Being You, Being with Them -, we started asking what else was possible with getting these tools out in the world, and Possibilities with Parenting was created! We invited some amazing parents and Access Consciousness facilitators to come on and explore a variety of topics with us. Among them you will find the co-creators of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

In this series we explored from looking at how to not lose “you” in the thick of parenting, to having children who are a bit or a lot to handle, and how the elements of honor, trust, vulnerability, acknowledgment and gratitude come into play, we’ll be covering a LOT of ground in this series.

Are you ready to go from the “how to” of parenting and into the land of what’s possible beyond what we already know?

Scroll below for our amazing list of guests and what topics they have explored with us.




Possibilities with Parenting Guests 

Series presented by Being You, Being with Them and hosted by Sarah Grandinetti


Call 1: Sarah Grandinetti - Exploring the book "Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids"

Call 2: Emily Evans Russell - Having Allowance for Your Kids Choices

Call 3: Heather Nichols - Trusting You as a Parent

Call 4: Dr. Dain Heer - Being You, Inviting Them to Be Them

Call 5: Marnie Richman - Don’t Give You Up for Anyone. Not Even Your Kids.

Call 6: Anthony Mattis - Acknowledging your kids capacities with... GHOSTS!

Call 7: Megan Hill - “I must be the worst parent ever!” Stopping judging you as a parent.

Call 8: Katarina Wallentin - Am I still Their Parent Once They’re Grown?

Call 9: Gary Douglas - The 5 Elements of Intimacy in Parenting: Honor, Trust, Vulnerability, Acknowledgment & Gratitude



This series contains 9 videos and audios in English and 9 audios in the following languages: العربية (Arabic), Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), čeština (Czech), Deutsch (German), Eesti keel (Estonian), Español (Spanish), Français (French), עברית (Hebrew), Italiano (Italian), 日本語 (Japanese), Magyar (Hungarian), 简体中文 (Mandarin), Português (Portuguese), Română (Romanian), Pусский (Russian), Türkçe (Turkish).



What is Being You, Being with Them?

Two years ago, a creation was born. It was a place to explore the possibilities in parenting that no one else was talking about. Like, what does it look like to truly be YOU while also being with your kids (and even family and in relationships)? And, have you ever wondered how much you’re still emulating or resisting the way your parents parented you?

What does it look like to explore and unravel all of the places and spaces around parenting - whether we have our own kids, were kids or have kids in our lives?

Welcome to Being You, Being with Them, created by Sarah Grandinetti.


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