The Unmentionables Round 1 Clearing Loop

Over the course of 3-days, a group of brave ladies and myself explored what it would be like if we walked through the world completely turned on.

Better yet, we wondered: what if we were so lustful for life that we turned on everyone around us?

From that class, we created a 35 minute loop of energetic clearings to blast away any funk in the way of you accessing and having all of your lust, your joy, and your being.

These clearings are pulled directly from the courageous questions asked during this class. They were so potent and yummy that we chose to offer it to the ladies out there that weren’t in the class but would like a taste of what it is to explore what you know is possible with lust.

Simply play this audio on low in the background and see what it contributes to shifting the energies present in your world.

This clearing loop is from the first round of The Unmentionables class.

For ladies only!

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This loop is in English only and is read by Sarah Grandinetti.

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