Being You With Bodies

Do you ever…judge your body?
It’s ok, if you have, or even still do - we’ve all been taught to be this way: to basically consider the body as a judge-able offense.

But, what if there is something so different possible with our bodies?

It wasn’t too long ago that I realized that I would never speak to a friend, a pet, or even a plant the way I had been speaking to and judging my body.

So, I made a demand to start talking to my body as my BFF (best friend forever 😉). And guess what? Things began to dynamically change for me.

You see, we don't often acknowledge the fact that our bodies are conscious and aware.

And, that he or she (or whatever pronoun you use) desires to contribute to you and is always communicating, too.

Unfortunately, we often ignore our sweet bodies (only creating more of what we judge) and rarely ever really talk to them.

What if we could?

These wonderful bodies of ours are a sensational, sensory organism designed to give us information all the time!

What if you gave your body what he or she requires?
What if you listened to its whispers?

Instead of being cut off and separate, let’s be turned on, and alive!

Would you like to explore the infinite possibilities of what it would create to have our bodies as our true BFF's?

Join me April 1st for a Being You with Bodies adventure.
You can come LIVE to the event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or join ONLINE from anywhere in the world. 
 Time: 2pm-4pm CDT (Your time in the world HERE)


Will you be going live?
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