Hello magical you! 

I'm coming to you today so excited, and thrilled beyond words for a brand new series✨️🤩




Whether you are a parent or had parents, we have all hit some curbs along the way. This series will be exploring the places and spaces where we might have never peeked before or dared speak of.

Did you ever say as a kid, “I'll never do that when I’m older!" and yet catch yourself doing it now as an adult? 

Or maybe you resisted and blocked something so much that you cannot receive the information or have gratitude for what that showed you.

What if you aren't wrong? 
What if your parents were never wrong either? 

Curious as to what lies beyond that? 

This is the realm of Being You, Being With Them, a creation that started 2 years ago with a potent membership of people willing to look at possibilities with parenting.

We’ve been asking what else is possible for getting these conversations and tools out in the world, and Possibilities with Parenting was birthed!

We gathered some amazing parents & facilitators for a 7 day series.

We’ll be rocking the boat of parenting and creating some massive waves with these calls! 

So strap in and hold on to your hats! 
We’re going where no one else dares to go 😉 

We begin this 7 day adventure on September 4th. 

Find all the details by clicking below.

Possibilities with Parenting

20% of Proceeds Going to El Lugar!

What change can we create on this planet if we simultaneously unravel the tangles from childhood and also open up a space to show up greater for the kids in our lives and in the world?

Scroll below for a sneak peek of our guests!

Schedule & Guests


Day 1: Gary Douglas: The 5 Elements of Intimacy in Parenting: Honor, Trust, Vulnerability, Acknowledgment & Gratitude

Day 2: Emily Evans Russell: Having Allowance for Your Kids Choices

Day 3: Heather Nichols: Trusting You as a Parent

Day 4: Dr. Dain Heer: Being You, Inviting Them to Be Them

Day 5: Marnie Richman: Don’t Give You Up for Anyone. Not Even Your Kids.

Day 6: Megan Hill: “I must be the worst parent ever!” Stopping judging you as a parent.

Day 7: Katarina Wallentin: Am I still Their Parent Once They’re Grown?