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He Said. She Said.

Have you ever wondered what "locker room" talk was or what the ladies are really doing when they all head to the bathroom together? What turns them on? What turns them off?What do they hide from the opposite sex out of the fear of rejection or judgement? What do they wish you knew, but haven’t found the space to share it? What has been so off limits until NOW? Here’s your chance to find out: Be the voyeur you know you love to be and eavesdrop on our panel of 10 men & 10 women talking explicitly about all things sex & relationship. No topic is off the table.. but you may discover who likes to be bent over one! Day 1: The men join Sarah to tantalize us as they expose themselves with a vulnerable conversation about what is true for them that they’ve never been willing to expose before now… while the women sit off screen and LISTEN! Day 2: The women bring their perspective with what they received from the men the day before. What was new information, what did they already know and what questions will they be asking now? Day 3: Sarah & the women take the stage again. This time, Sarah will be inviting them to open up like never before. What have they been unwilling to ask for, in bed and otherwise! Day 4: The men return with Sarah for the climax with their take on what the women shared. What lights went on that they can now gift to the rest of us? If this makes any of your body parts clench, this 4-day provocative experience and irreverent abandon might just be for you!! You will leave blushing, flushed and gasping for breath. This event is so good, you might just require a cigarette when we’re finished!  

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