Hello sweet friend

To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence?

No matter what precisely has brought you here today, I am grateful.

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What do people say?

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I know this time of year can get pretty intense, and well....2020 feels like 5 lifetimes so this year might be even more intense than others.

What could 30 minutes completely devoted to you create?

I'd really like to contribute to as many people as I can, so it popped to offer a Holiday Special on my sessions.
For only $89 you can get a 30min facilitation where we can deep dive into whatever is up for you.
The only catch is that you gotta book your session by December 31st to get your special pricing.

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Do you ever get the feeling like you don't belong?
How much of you are you hiding in order to you fit in with everybody else?
Well, here's a secret: being different is only a problem if you decide it's a problem.
Friends, 'tis the season to embrace the misfit you truly be and let your brilliance shine!
Join Sarah Grandinetti, Paula Peralta and a crew of Jolly Access Consciousness Facilitators as they share their stories of being weird in a world full of normal.
For 12 days in a row Sarah & Paula will go live with a merry misfit or two, exploring what it's like to actually claim, own and acknowledge the gift of being different!
This holiday journey is sure to be wondrous, hilarious and fun.
Tune in daily for delicious bonuses like recipes, personal stories and seasonal traditions. There may even be a surprise guest or two dropping in to share the joy!
You can join the fun for only $12, and all proceeds will go to Actions for Futures
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The Unearthing of You: Being You Intro Advenuture

How deep have you buried and hidden yourself from the world?

And while you might have a million justifications for doing so, how is it working for you?

With each judgment you've decided about yourself, you've actually fractured & hidden your brilliance. Not only from the world, but even yourself.

What can you expose that would actually create the change you & the world are desiring?

What if all the judgments we have laid upon ourselves are actually distracting us from the possibility we can be with the earth, too?

When we get out of our opposing points of view and into possibility, that's where things grow: for us AND the earth.

Unearthing you is actually a way you can be in your greatness, no longer having to slow down.

As well as a way to create greater with the earth.

The. Time. Is. Now


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Sleigh the Holidaze

However you celebrate this time of year, do you remember to include YOU on your wishlist?
The end of the year tends to be a flurry of activity and even stress, so we're breaking up the craziness with a daily moment dedicated to US.
Join us for a daily practice that INCLUDES YOU in your day.
We'll hop on for 20min each day with the amazing Sarah Grandinetti on Zoom.
She'll lead us in a simple and expansive guided adventure each day that fills up YOUR cup of merry.
Imagine what gift you will be to the world when you take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate YOU, too?
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If you had asked me 10 years ago what I saw as my future, I would have had a standard and uninspired answer.


You see, I had the “perfect” life. I met my husband at 19 years old, married at 25, and quickly became a mother of four healthy, beautiful children. I had a thriving career as a stylist and owner of a celebrity hair salon in Los Angeles. I was living a dream life, but it wasn’t necessarily my dream.


Even though I “should” have been content, I was struggling - financially, emotionally and spiritually. From a very early age I was aware of something greater. I knew life could be easier, more joyful, and abundant. Not just for me, for everyone!

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