Hello sweet friend

To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence?

No matter what precisely has brought you here today, I am grateful.

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Valentine's Day Visualization Journey

If you weren't able to join me live, I'm so excited for you to take a listen. The space we explored was beyond melty and truly magical.
Thank you for choosing to play, and for choosing more of YOU!

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Couples Session special - $200 off

Attention lovers! In the spirit of possibility and creationship, I'd love to offer a special deal for the rest of February for Couples Sessions. Schedule a session between February 14th and the 28th and get $200 off.

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What do people say?


Upcoming Classes

Bastardization of Gratitude
March 18th

Be grateful. Be happy. Count your blessings, they say.

Have you ever considered that your “attitude of gratitude” may be getting in the way?

Gratitude can be a wonderful acknowledgement of the gifts in your life and gratitude can change your reality.

But, have you bastardized gratitude and unwittingly sabotaged yourself?

For example, have you ever been so grateful for someone that you decided never to create beyond them?

Have you ever been so grateful for what you have that you dare not ask for more?

What if gratitude was more than just contentment? 

Would you be willing walk in gratitude AND invite in more possibilities? What would it be like to amp up your gratitude in a way that keeps the energy flowing?

Join Sarah Grandinetti for an unexpected exploration of gratitude and how we often use it against ourselves.

Step into the energetics as well as the practicalities and walk away with something truly different. You might be surprised at what else is truly possible!


$100 USD

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Being You with Magic
March 21st

What if magic wasn’t just a set of illusions performed for audiences?

What if instead it was more about how you are able to turn problems into possibilities with just a swift change of your point of view?

When you choose to embrace the potency and magic you truly be, universes of possibility can actually open up.

Join Sarah Grandinetti, for a wonderfully magical taster class that invites you to acknowledge the beauty and magic of YOU.

What better time to claim, own & acknowledge your magic than now?

$100 USD

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Being You, Being With Them Zoom Call
March 31st

Join Sarah Grandinetti and a group of amazing people looking for possibilities in her Being You, Being With Them.  One of the things Sarah discovered through her years of facilitating classes and one-on-one sessions, was that SO many limiting beliefs stemmed all the way back to when someone was a child.  She invites everyone, including those without kids, to the possibility of (un)parenting themselves from how they were parented as kids.  We know it's been a wild year in all the ways. Are you ready to step out of problems and into possibilities? We look forward to having you join us!

$35 USD

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Hosted by Sarah Grandinetti and presented and produced by the Being You Facilitators, this podcast invites you to meet a series of unique and brilliant guests as they share their stories, their difference, and their willingness to be themselves no matter what.

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If you had asked me 10 years ago what I saw as my future, I would have had a standard and uninspired answer.


You see, I had the “perfect” life. I met my husband at 19 years old, married at 25, and quickly became a mother of four healthy, beautiful children. I had a thriving career as a stylist and owner of a celebrity hair salon in Los Angeles. I was living a dream life, but it wasn’t necessarily my dream.


Even though I “should” have been content, I was struggling - financially, emotionally and spiritually. From a very early age I was aware of something greater. I knew life could be easier, more joyful, and abundant. Not just for me, for everyone!

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