Two years ago, Being You Being With Them was born as a place to explore the possibilities in parenting that no one else was talking about.

🌟 What does it look like to truly be YOU while also allowing your kids (and even family and relationships) to be all of them?
🌟 What if you didn’t have to get it right?
🌟 What if your kids aren’t wrong?
🌟 What if you aren’t wrong?
🌟 What if your parents weren’t wrong either?



Being You Being with Them is about empowering you to know what you know, so that you can show up even greater in your life.

It’s also about inviting kids to know that they know, too, and to empower them to trust themselves and create their lives.

It’s even about how you were treated as a kid.

It's mind-blowing what we carry with us from when we were little.
It's also amazing what's possible when we clear that crap out!

Welcome to the journey of UN-parenting yourself! Whether you have kids or not, this is a huge piece of the Being You Being with Them exploration.

What we experience and are surrounded by in our childhood has a huge impact on how we create our lives. And, it’s not all logical. A lot of it is energetic and unconscious.

As little kids we’re absorbing everything and then use that as a reference for how we choose and live our lives.

When we’re able to clear those things that are not contributing to us, it changes everything.