Join Sarah Live in Burbank, California this January!

Choose your own adventure of possibilities! Join a series of events with Sarah Grandinetti Live in Burbank January 27th & 28th

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January 27th
2 In Person Classes with Sarah


On January 27th, Sarah will be facilitating 2 in person only classes: a Body Process class and an Introducing the Symphony class.

January 28th
Full-day live and online class with Dr. Melissa Mahon


On January 28th, Sarah is hosting Dr Melissa Mahon who will be facilitating a full day X-men Specialty Class both LIVE and ONLINE.

Body Process Class with Sarah

 January 27th | 4 PM - 7 PM | $75


Trifold Sequencing Systems of Drug Induced Scenarios, Perfectionism and Insanity

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Introducing the Symphony with Sarah

 January 27th | 7:30 PM | $100

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Access X-Men: The Undiscovered Possibility with Dr. Melissa Mahon

 January 28th | 10 AM - 5 PM PST | $550*

*This class has Country Pricing

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