What if horses 🐎 can gift to us in a way that we haven’t even begun to imagine?


Giddy Up

Webinar with Connor Hill and Alison Cox
Hosted by Sarah Grandinetti


Have you ever owned something so complex, and have yet to explore all of the possibilities with it?

For example, do you own a phone with many capabilities but only use the basics of it because you have yet to lean into what else is possible?

That’s similar to what Conscious Horse Conscious Rider has been for Sarah.
While she owns a horse and spends time with her horse, she has yet to take a Conscious Horse Conscious Rider class.

Sarah would tell you that every time she’s with her horse she is learning something new, but it wasn’t until she started chatting with friends who have taken the class that she chose to dive in deeper with two of her favorite CHCR Facilitators, Connor Hill and Alison Cox.

Are you ready to take the reigns of your life?
Willing to choose to always show up as the dominant energy?
Are you willing to be whatever energy is required to create the future you’re asking for?

Join Sarah Grandinetti, Connor Hill and Alison Cox for a one hour webinar where you can truly tap into the tools of Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider beyond just horses, and how these tools can contribute to you in your every day life.…

Who knows what else we’ll explore?
February 11 at 9 AM PST. Your time in the world.

Join us here! Only $10!