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Hi, beautiful you!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! And if you don't celebrate this particular holiday, well then, I hope you had a very merry just-another-day 😉

I find that this time of year that there's so much "stuff" that gets stirred up in people's worlds from the holidays and the “end” of the year coming such as:

🌟 Family

🌟 Perfectionism

🌟 Money

🌟 Doing things "right"

🌟 Trying to fit in

🌟 Trying not to be wrong

🌟 Body stuff

🌟 Judging how the year went

🌟 Setting expectations for the new year

…to name a few. 😉 

Can we take a moment and release ourselves from the mental swirls and get present with our bodies?  Go ahead and put your hands somewhere on your body. Take a deep breath and invite in gratitude. 

Ahhh, isn’t that better?

What if we took a moment with ourselves today to truly get present with what is true for us?

I know when I take a deep breath and get present with my reality, I get to have the true joy and space of me. 

What if any crunch in your world is awareness? 
And, what if that crunch was an acknowledgment of how connected you are to the world?

So often when the intensity and crunch comes in, we separate ourselves and think we are alone in our experience.

But, what if it is the opposite?
What if you are so connected to the world that you are perceiving everyone else’s crunch?

What if you acknowledged that you are not alone?
Whether you physically spent the holidays (or weekend) alone, or whether you spent it with people you didn’t necessarily plan on spending it with…

Wherever this holiday season has taken you this year, I hope that you take some time to acknowledge the magic of you.

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