Hello you beautiful spacious beings!


How you be?!

Is it just me or do you find this month is just a different space? I know that more than ever my body and the awareness of energy are becoming the dominant forces of creation and it is WILD!

 I wanted to share a little story with you today. You know me, I love a good story! 😉 

 Well, I recently rescued  a kitten that was found in a dumpster near my house.  As you can imagine, this little guy came with his own stuff around trust issues. 

 So I patiently waited, gave him his space while also constantly reminding him of the gift he is and acknowledging the beautiful being that houses his cute little body.  Finally a time came when he started trusting us, too, in baby steps. 

Can you relate to my little kitten friend?

Have you ever been the wild animal who’s experienced a rough patch? And so you put all your walls and barriers up to someone, or even the world?

Or maybe you’ve met someone like this.

 When you’re aware of this dynamic in yourself just ask all your walls and barriers to lower down and BE the melting energy. Ask “What can I be to melt all of this with total ease, joy and glory?” 

 When you BE a space, it allows you to access all these different areas you haven’t acknowledged your capacities with. So what if you asked to have so much more of that - S P A C E

 It allows you to be more and invite anyone who has the pleasure of being in your presence to have more of that too! 

 What if the purpose of your life was simply to enjoy?

 You are an amazing, gorgeous being whose presence is a gift to me, this planet, the people on it and the whole freaking universe! I see you Beauty! And I adore you with every single molecule of me. 

 You are not alone and you are not wrong. In fact, you are brilliant.