Hello beautiful lady,


 Thank you so much for joining me for The Unmentionables Round 2.  

Talk about a wild and brave exploration!  


I’m so grateful that you chose to dive in with me, and I hope the class contributed to you. Your vulnerability and willingness to look at possibilities is such a gift! I’d love to hear what your favorite moment or take away was! Simply reply to this email and let me know.


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  • Just for you, just for fun: Put on some great lotion that nurtures your body!

  • Listen to The Unmentionables Playlist and dance away HERE!


Mentioned in class:

  1. Lizzo’s Watch out for The Big Grrrls Series HERE!

  2.  Hot Girls Wanted: Turn On Documentary HERE!

  3.  You Got This: Your Pre-Date Warm-UP HERE!

  4.  You Got This: Dealing with Needy People, Even When It's You HERE!

  5.  Start asking: “Everywhere I have uninvited lust today, I destroy and uncreate POC & POD”.


If you had fun playing and are wondering what other possibilities are available I’ve put a brief outline of what I have coming up below!


The one I'm most excited to share with you ladies is the 3 month Extension Program. Every month, starting on Feb 23rd (your time in the world), we’ll have a 2-hour call to deep dive even more on The Unmentionables energy that we explored these 3 days!


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Adore you magical one! Hope to see you somewhere in the world sometime soon so I can give you a big hug. 😘