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Hey, beautiful you!

How are you?!

I’m popping into your inbox real quick to invite you to an exploration I have coming up tomorrow!

Have you ever wondered what The Foundation class is?

What does that entail? 

I like to think of it like this…

Have you ever looked to someone else, maybe what they created, as a way to do something?

Maybe how to create money,

Did it become the example you referred back to in order to live your life?

What if you could shatter every reference point you’ve ever discovered from other people? 

Things like money,
and beyond! 

The Foundation Class is where you get to choose to shatter the foundation on which you’ve been living your life… 

The reference points,

You get to step into your knowing, and create your life from your own awareness beyond this reality.

The class is a 4 day workshop of practical tools and pure magic.

So I’m doing a FREE ZOOM chatting all things Foundation class!

Whether you are interested in my Foundation class coming up next week, or curious about the class itself, you’re so invited to join us!

Bring your sweet bodies, your questions and let’s go on an exploration together!

Tomorrow at 9 am PST

I’ll see you soon! 😉

Go here to grab your free spot!

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