Hello lucky lustful lady… 😉

You grabbed the recording of the Unmentionables Clearing Loop, and I was wondering how it was going!


Have you been…

A. Dynamically avoiding listening to it 😉 
B. Playing it while getting ready in the morning
C. Looping it while you sleep
D. Touching yourself to it 🤭 
 E. All of the above


 But, truly, how’s your lust going?  
Are you desiring to amp it up? 
To clear the energies and points of view around being lustful? 
To explore what else is truly possible for you and your body?


If the loop is tickling your fancy, is it enough to make the leap?The next round of my Unmentionables begins TOMORROW!


Bring on the Lust

 We’ll be gathering Online in Zoom, so you can join from the comfort of your own home, couch or bed! 😉 


Please know that what gets explored in Unmentionables, stays in Unmentionables. The only rule is to show up vulnerably, with lowered walls and barriers and ready to receive.


Class is February 3rd-5th, 9am-1pm PST.

We’ll be getting down, maybe a little dirty and definitely lustful!