Hello-ho-ho-ho sweet being!


It’s the holiday season and I come bearing a gift for you!😉

What if this year you put yourself under the tree and acknowledged the gift you be?!
Join me December 21st at 12pm pst for a free Visualization Journey! Your time in the world HERE.

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What is a visualization journey?

Well, it’s kind of like a guided meditation, but instead of tuning out the world you’re invited to tune into and explore the space of you.

I began offering these energetic explorations a couple years ago, and they just keep getting FUN-er and FUN-er.

Let’s see what we discover when we step into acknowledging the gift that we actually be in the world. Let’s break the cycle of self judgment and comparison and get vulnerable with what else is truly possible.

Shall we explore we explore together?

It’s my gift to you 😘


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See you under the tree!