Hey sweetness! How you be?


I just got to Rome for Maestro class and it got me looking at how much more I’d like to be the Maestro of my money reality.

Doesn’t that sound badass? 
Conducting money possibilities with the flick of your asks?

Well, as my girl Lizzo says, “it’s about damn time!” 😂🤩

So, my friends, I’m kicking off a How to Become Money Workbook series starting December 1st!

“Every point of view that you have created about money creates the limitations and parameters from which you receive it.” - How to Become Money Workbook

I know that money can be a really loaded topic and even downright uncomfortable. But, what if it could be light and funny?
We had so much fun on the last round, that I can’t wait to see what shows up with this one 😎

You see, with money (and life) there actually are no right answers. And, there are no wrong answers, either!

There are only points of view; and they construct the limitations from which we create our lives. 🤯🤯

One of the first things that really started to change everything for me was getting super vulnerable with and about money. To stop hiding my points of view.

From there, I was not only able to expose the lies I was operating by, but also to start to expose what was true for me!

Check out this video I made a little bit ago about this.  I’m not perfect, I don’t have it all together - in fact there are times I even felt like a fraud. But once I started getting vulnerable and facilitating from that space, everything changed.

Watch the video here

I’d love to invite you to play with vulnerability with your money reality and see what you discover.

And, if you’d like to dive in deeper, join me for the month of December for my 
How to Become Money  Workbook series. 
10 calls.
Unlimited possibilities 😉 


Get signed up here!

PS: if you’re in my Possibility Playground you’ll get $75 off or you can pay in two installments. You can find the discount code in your Member's library 😍 How does it get better?!

What else is truly possible with money that you don’t believe to be possible that if you would allow the possibility would actualize a new reality?

Until next time!