Hello beautiful,


 Do you ever have that moment where you know something needs to be created but you’ve been looking to other people to create it?


I’ve had a topic for a class swirling in my world for a while. In fact, I asked some other facilitators if they wanted to create something with me and they said they weren’t ready to go there.


And, do you know what I realized? Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I’m the one who’s supposed to break the path.


Ready to walk with me?


What does the word “lust” bring up for you?

Do you cringe? Hide away? Resist?


Have you made it so wrong that you have not been willing to engage with the energy AT ALL?


Maybe you secretly desire to lean in to that energy…To explore it and see what else is possible.


Please know, you're not wrong any which way. 😉


Lust has become such a charged topic, and few are willing to really explore it.


I have been judged my whole life for being lustful and playing with that energy.


But, what if that's all that it is? An energy you get to play with. An energy you get to include in your world everyday and start to open up to possibilities of orgasmic living.


How much have we diminished lust to only equate desiring sex?

What if it is SO much more than that?


Are you ready to give up the wrongness around lust and actually start discovering what is true for you?


Well, ladies  (sorry gents!), the time is now!

I broke the path and created a call series all about lust. ☺️

My Unmentionables Round 2 series begins Friday, February 3rd!


We actually sold out tickets, but I’m feeling lusty and added 10 more. 😉 


For 3 days, 4 hours a day, we’ll be exploring all the facets of lust that most people wouldn’t dare.


Are you in?!

We begin this Friday, February 3rd 😉 


Bring on the Lust

P.S. Gentlemen, if you’re feeling left out, I just may be creating a gentlemen’s club next, so get ready!