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We covered A LOT of ground during the series, so we put together a weekly follow up email series to support you along the way.

As you know, we finished off the series with Gary Douglas, the creator of Access Consciousness, and we explored how the 5 Elements of Intimacy can change everything with your kids. 

Why would we want intimacy with our kids?

We tend to think that intimacy is only for our romantic relationships but true intimacy is simply the awareness and space where your kids are willing to tell you anything.

Sense the space in that!

Here’s a quick reminder of each of the elements as a cheat sheet for you:

HONOR is to hold them in regard. To treat them as the infinite beings they are and not as those who are lesser than that we’re trying to control.

TRUST is to trust that they will always choose for them even if it doesn’t align with what you would like them to choose.

GRATITUDE is to have gratitude for the unique and amazing being that they are. There is no one else exactly like them!

ALLOWANCE is to know that each choice that they make creates awareness. They will choose things that you would rather they didn’t. What allowance can you be for them? What allowance can you be for you and the choices you have made?

VULNERABILITY is to be honest with them that you don’t know everything either. That you have made and can make mistakes, it’s letting them see all of you.

Do you see how all of these elements play together into a really beautiful dynamic?

Have fun exploring! 
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Some golden nuggets from Gary pulled from our call on Sunday…

 Your greatest job as a parent is to empower your kids to be able to take care of themselves.

 When you have allowance for yourself and the choices (and mistakes) you’ve made, and acknowledge that you didn’t die… what allowance can you be for them?

 Do you desire to control your kids to get them to survive or teach them how to thrive?

 This is what kids deserve, they get it if you’re willing to be that for them.

 This is the gift that these tools can be for our kids and that they can be for us… they start to be the miracles walking on the earth that should exist that haven’t been allowed to exist 

 What an amazing place it will be when more people are willing to be like this?