The Magic of YOU

"Everywhere we keep magic hidden away until the holidays, then we believe in things like Santa Claus and we believe in, you know, the magic of Christmas, but what if its the Magic of YOU?
What if you could live your life like that every single day?"
Sarah Grandinetti


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This audio is a small segment from a holiday Visualization Journey that I have embarked on December 21st, 2022. If you would like to receive the full audio, sign up for free below and you will receive an email with instructions to download it. The audio is in English and has translations in العربية, Deutsch, Eesti keel, Español, Italiano, Magyar, Português, Română.

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What is a visualization journey?
Well, it’s kind of like a guided meditation, but instead of tuning out the world you’re invited to tune into the space of you.

I began offering these energetic explorations a couple years ago, and every time we create a new one I am totally blown away.

Let’s dive into the yummy energies and possibilities of the season and see what we discover!

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Happy Holidays my friends!