What if you walked through the world completely turned on?
Better yet, what if you were so lustful for life that you turned on everyone around you?


Welcome to... 


- a ladies only deep dive -


...exploring every lustful nook and cranny of life.

How much are you cutting off your receiving for fear of being labeled a slut?

How much do you desperately desire to ask questions and explore taboo topics?

Your body.
Your beauty.
Your desires.
Your turn ons.
Your money.
Your relationships.
Your sexualness.

What if they would all exponentialize if you became the lust slut you truly be?

What if you were so turned on by your life and living that others felt naughty looking at you?

The time for shutting it down and turning it off is over.

Join me, Sarah Grandinetti, for The Unmentionables.

We’ll dive into topics that will leave you blushing and walking through the world with way more swagger. Each call will build upon the next having you crave for more out of life.

If you’ve been asking to turn up the orgasmic dial of your life, jump in ladies, the water is sizzling.

This series is in English and translation can be requested!