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How you be?! It’s been a couple of weeks since our Possibilities with Parenting series and we thought we’d pop into your inbox to say “hi!”

One of the things that we tend to forget as adults is how big and potent kids actually are. They are infinite beings, just like us, but in smaller bodies.  And, they know a LOT!  They look at the world in a totally different way.  In fact, the younger they are, the less judgment and points of view they have - which is a gift, if you are willing to receive it.

 How much were you acknowledged for this when you were a kid?

How much are you acknowledging this in the kids in your life?

What could we change in the world if we just started here, acknowledging the potency and knowing and curiosity of kids as the gift that it truly is?

Today, I’d love to invite you to begin with you.
Would you acknowledge how big you are and were as a kid, even if no one else did?

And, from there, what space of acknowledgment can you be for the kids in your life?

 You might be amazed at what you begin to perceive and receive from them the more you acknowledge this.

That’s all for today!
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