Hello sweetness, how you be today?

 I know I send you lots of emails about creations, but today I just wanted to pop in to check on you and your sweet body❤️ 


Have you been experiencing any interesting awareness with your body lately? Maybe with sleeping? Or food? Or intensity? Or even anxiety?


It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole of trying to fix things when they show up, but let’s walk around it for a moment…


You, my friend, are an awarewolf of magnitude, and so is your body. How much have you acknowledged that your body is aware of the earth and all the bodies that live on it?


What if instead of immediately judging what’s happening with your body or trying to fix it, we could ask for more space and ease with the gift our bodies truly are? 


Judgment can be a slippery slope of “What is wrong with me?” We are so used to having to always do something that we tend to forget to just relax, sit back, tap into our sweet bodies, and go “Hey body! What are you trying to show me?”


Your body is a part of this beautiful planet and every time the Earth goes through some major changes, your body can also be very aware of that.


What if we could acknowledge, even more, the massive contribution that they are, not only to us, but to the earth and those around them? 


Does the space begin to shift when you acknowledge the capacity here?


So let me be as loud and clear as I possibly can be - there is nothing wrong with you and your body!


Even if you’re experiencing something intense, please be kind and patient with her/him. It’s just awareness. Expand out and receive.


I am in such gratitude for the awarenesses that my body shares with me. It’s not always comfortable, but when I’m willing to listen to the whispers there is so much magic available in all of it. 


Let this message be a gentle reminder to thank your body for the gift that it is instead of looking at it as the root of a problem. 


Truly, what if every single thing going on with your body is just an awareness? 


I hope this contributes to you!  And, if you know someone who could use this reminder, feel free to forward them this message, too. 😘 


Hugs and kisses on all of your sweet cheeks.

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