What exactly is beauty?

It’s something that has been defined a million times and rebranded with every new trend, and yet, have those definitions brought it closer or made it more attainable or inclusive?

We are taught to find what is beautiful through the media and then judge ourselves by that impossible standard. We learn to judge those that fall into that “beautiful” category as having it easy, not working hard enough, or even make them prove that they can also be kind or worthy beyond their beauty.

What if beauty was actually so immense it included us all?
What if it were something to be discovered each day?
What if we stopped trying to fit it into a definable box or formula?

If Beauty itself was not shackled by right and wrong or good and bad, how much more could we receive from it?

Welcome to Being You Beauty!

It’s more than a class, it’s a worldwide movement.

What if you could receive the beauty of others and yourself with the same ease and enthusiasm you receive the beauty of a sunset?

We are shown, from the time we are very little, to judge and define ourselves and our bodies. Today’s world shows us how to judge good and bad, right and wrong, and it is having our kids grow up with an inherent sense of judgment of them, their bodies and their beauty. 

It’s time we start to change it… by changing our points of view that limit us from finding the beauty in everyone and everything.

Join Sarah Grandinetti on a totally different exploration of what is possible beyond definitions and judgment.


Being You Beauty - 2-Day Class


Live in Dubai & Online

June 24-25th

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