Make it Rain!

Two Zoom Calls a month for
Three Months

Started on December 15th


What if you could be a money magnet and make it rain money?

I’m hot off from facilitating a How to Become Money Workbook series and I just can’t stop talking about money and all of the energies around it now!

That series really showed me how getting together regularly with a group of badass beings opens up such an awesome space of vulnerability and possibility.

So…..welcome to the Make It Rain! Club. A 3 month club exploring what else is possible beyond our beliefs about money.

Join me for two calls a month from December through February. Each call we’ll deep dive into an enticing topic around money.

Wanna be a part of the club?
Well, get your sweet booty registered!

What would it take to be the money magnet you truly be?
See you there!

We started on December!


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