Is that glass of wine at the end of the day not cutting it?

Have you not found the time to run yourself a hot bath to wash away the parenting stresses?

And if you’re anything like most different parents, the parenting books have all started to sound more like an Utopian Ideal rather than the real talk you’re looking for! 

Sarah Grandinetti offers a different possibility!

She’s worked with families for years in digging in, getting to the core and inviting everyone to hear each other from a different place that creates possibilities that weren’t there before!

This Mother’s Day, Sarah is offering 50% off her regular one hour sessions to 10 courageous people who are looking for something different with parenting. (You don’t have to be a mother to choose it! Fathers and Step-parents are invited too.)

That’s over $200 savings!!

What else is possible with Parenting when we choose to be the different parent we truly be?

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There are 10 spots only and the offer expires on May 10th at midnight PST


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What Else Is Possible?

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