Hey beauty!


I just can’t help myself from saying that I am so grateful for you and what you contribute to the world by who you be!!

As an acknowledgment of YOU, I have a gift for you!! My new monthly group, Possibility Playground, is hot off the press and begins August 1st, and I’d like to gift you the first month for free!

Be sure to join and forward this email to any friends so they can receive this gift too!

Our first guest will be my good friend, Cara Wright. Cara has a way of injecting into my world a very expanded and different perspective on things! We are jumping right in on August 12th with: “Bitch, Please!” When Being a Bitch Creates Greater

No topic is off limit, and fun will be had.

Ready? Set.....go!

Simply sign up here:

Register for Possibility Playground


You'll reserve your spot with your credit card, but you won't be charged until after 30 days. Then you'll automatically have your payment deducted each month that you are a member.


What Else Is Possible?

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