Hello beautiful you!


I’m coming to you today with an acknowledgment and an invitation.  In fact, my acknowledgment was already in the greeting of this email:  your beauty. 😉 


I know it can seem impossible some days to be out of judgment of ourselves, but I’ve created a demand of myself and ask of the universe to invite amazing beings like you to release some of that judgment and increase celebrating YOU.


What beauty are you that you have allowed to be diminished by the ever changing beauty standards of this reality?


What if stepping into
BEING YOU could invite you to the beauty you’ve decided doesn’t include you?


Welcome to Being You Beauty.
An invitation, a movement, a demand of the world to release the irrelevant judgments we construct around what beauty is.


Will you join me for a FREE 7 Day Challenge?
I’ve created a special Facebook group for us to play in, and we begin the fun on September 1st!
I’ll be hopping in Live every day with an activity and exploration with being your beauty.


So, gather your friends, invite them to come play, and let’s revolutionize what’s truly possible with beauty.


Is now the time to claim your beauty and stop allowing the desired good, right, perfect image stop you from acknowledging you as beautiful ?

Join here

What Else Is Possible?

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