Hello sweet you,


How are you and your body today? I know so often when we check in with the people in our lives, it’s more of a courtesy, like an automated response, instead of a true engagement.  

I mean, I get it, we’re all busy.  But, I also know how much it contributes, even if it’s just a moment, when someone is truly present with you. It’s one of the reasons I really love to facilitate classes and sessions. To be space with someone, to walk around situations and ask questions in true vulnerability is just sooo fucking beautiful.

And, what if we could be that with our bodies, too?

We wrapped up the Being You Beauty 7 Day Challenge on Saturday, and it was such a gift to walk through each of those days with everyone in so much vulnerability and receiving, and I just had to share a snippet with you today.

On Day 6 of the challenge, we wrote letters to our bodies apologizing for the judgments and harshness we have thrown at them. In my Facebook Live that day, I even led a short visualization journey. I’m so grateful for you, for letting me pop into your inbox regularly (I know how full they can be!), and I always ask what more I can contribute to you. Please enjoy this 7 minute audio as my gift to you!

Download Visualization Journey


After you listen, I’d love to hear what your experience was like. In my Being You Beauty classes I offer moments like this and it is SO beautiful to walk through it and explore the energies that get revealed.

And, if you’d like to jump deeper in, my next Being You Beauty class is coming up on January 23rd. You can find all the details and get registered here:

Register for the Being You Beauty Class


 Thank you for all you be!

What can you choose today to claim, own and acknowledge the beauty you truly be?

What Else Is Possible?

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