Hello amazing beautiful beings!!!


It’s been a hot minute since our time together in Rio and I am missing youuuuuuu. Not in a needy way, but just from having so much fun with you and having so much gratitude for you being in the world!

Thank you so much for the way you each showed up, I received so much from these classes.

So, how you be??
What’s up in your world?
Is there anything I can contribute to you??

I’ve been getting ready for my upcoming Foundation Class, which starts this Friday, and it got me thinking about all of you.

It’s always so interesting how the lead up to classes stirs up the energies in such a wild and chaotic way.
And how classes can also stir things up afterwards, too! It’s one of the “reasons” why I am always choosing more classes, to be able to explore and clear and go beyond wherever I am at.

Please consider yourselves warmly and personally invited to come play in this Foundation Class. It’s available ONLINE as well as LIVE in Mexico City. Class is the 12th-15th from 10am - 6pm Central time. It would be so awesome to have you there!


Join The Foundation Live or Online


We actually did a FREE Q&A Zoom a little bit ago, that was amazing.  If you missed that, you can still get the replay here


Get the replay of the FREE Zoom


Anyways, I just wanted to reach out and let you know I’m here for you if you require anything!

Keep being your amazing baddie self 😉 


What Else Is Possible?

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