Hello beautiful friend!


Thank you so much for joining me on my Mon$y Call yesterday!!  It was truly a pleasure to explore the places and spaces around this thing we call money.


How was the call for you?? I’d love to hear what you got out of it! It was amazing to see so many amazing people from literally ALL over the world looking at possibilities together. I wonder what will get created now?!


You can access your recordings below, simply click the button and find your language. You will also find the clearings there as well!


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If this call lit you up, I’d love to have you come play in my How To Become MON$Y Workbook series that begins June 21st. As promised I’ve got an exclusive offer just for you. Click here to grab your spot:


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How To Become MON$Y Workbook series


Whether you join me on my upcoming series or not, I highly recommend the book How to Become Money Workbook by Gary M. Douglas.  If you don’t have a copy yet, click the button below.

Every time I go through this workbook and answer the questions, my whole reality changes.


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Lastly, I mentioned a little homeplay on our call, which I’ve included here for you. Definitely don’t do it, you might let go of some of the wrongness you have in your world around money 😉 Any time you go to wrongness you’re just slowing stuff down. Eventually you’ll get out of it if you ask for it to change.



Pull out a pen and paper and write down anywhere you have a wrongness with money. Write down everything that you are avoiding with it, and then everything that you’re defending with that point of view. Go through each thing and say “everything that allows that to exist, right wrong, good, bad, pod poc, all 9, shorts, boy, povads and beyonds”


Thank you again for your presence!

I look forward to the next time we get to play 😘


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