Hi beautiful being!


What a Q&A call yesterday!! I am so grateful for everyone who registered for the call, and kudos to those of you who made it Live! 😂 We had a small situation on the back end where the zoom link didn’t get sent out until right as the call was starting, eep!

Apologies to those of you who weren’t able to hop on, and for any confusion that was created.  But, here’s the good news, there’s a replay!  And, the questions asked were really awesome so I cannot wait for you to listen.


You can find your recordings here


If you’re ready to leap into a Foundation class for the first time or fiftieth time, my upcoming class is August 12th-15th Live in Mexico City and ONLINE!  Would love to have you be a part of it if that’s yummy and light for you.  Go here for all the details and to grab your spot!


Join My Foundation Live or Online


If you’re not quite ready yet or are looking for other possibilities, you can find classes at www.AccessConsciousness.com/foundation 😉

Thank you again for all that you be in the world. I hope I get to see you somewhere soon!


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