Hello magical you!


Here we are, in the midst of the holiday hustle.
How you BE?!

I know the holidays can bring up a LOT.  From family stuff, to money, to the stress and anxiety of getting it all done, I know it all.  I’ve caught myself numerous times burning the midnight oil 😉

But, there’s this thing I keep hearing about called relaxation… 😁

And, not just the relaxation where you unplug from everything for a bit, but the relaxation of creation where the hustle isn’t the hustle that ends in exhaustion.

It’s definitely one of my asks right now and for 2022.  To truly know the relaxation of creation with all the things:  classes, travel, money, my body...everything!

I am so grateful to have you on the other end of cyberspace reading my emails, and joining me in my creations, and I’d love to gift you some relaxation this season.

Join me December 14th for a holiday inspired Visualization Journey: Choosing Ease During the Holidays.  It is my gift to you 🎁💖 Click below  to register 🌟

Register for the Visualization Journey

Let’s relax and receive a whole new space of possibilities. From spending time with family to all the projections and expectations of the season, we’ll travel through all the facets of the holidays with melty gratitude and ease.

Invite in a new level of joy and ease this year.
Release the subtle points of view and judgments that are limiting you.
Revive your joy and melt into a new space of being.

What space of ease and holiday spirit are you ready to choose?

Let’s start a new yummy holiday tradition.

Beyond grateful for you!

P.S. It’s only 7 days until our Misfit Merriment adventure!!! Have you grabbed your spot yet? Our group is starting to fill up with rad misfits, and our guests are sharing clues as to what they are giving away! Don’t miss all the fun: www.sarahgrandinetti.com/misfit

What Else Is Possible?

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