Hello sweet friend!

What would you truly like to create with your body?
What more can you receive?

How much more could you nurture and adore the gift of being in your sweet body?

There is another space available when you shift from judging your body to treating it as your best friend.

And, you are in luck! This weekend is devoted to bodies.

While I realize you may not be able to head out to San Diego by tomorrow you CAN join us online from anywhere in the world for my Being You With Bodies class, Your Body: the Adventure of Living.

Take a peek at this yummy video from my last Body Class while I was in Mexico. Are you desiring more of this in your life?



This 3 hours class starts at 9 AM Pacific Time on April 3rd. Your time in the world here. Register below to join me tomorrow!

Register for Your Body: The Adventure of Living

What Else Is Possible?

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