Dear you,


I’ll let you in on a little secret… I don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions! I know, I tricked you, but let’s take a look. 😉

Have you heard the saying “where your attention goes the energy flows”? Well, think about it. Resolutions are born of all the things we find “wrong” with ourselves or our life. We literally look for all the problems and then spend an entire year trying to fix them. When we FOCUS on the problem then the problem grows!

Don’t believe me?

Resolution: Lose 10 pounds means the body is the problem.

Resolution: Make more money, save more money, budget means no money is the problem.

Resolution: Finally have the dream relationship means bend, fold, staple, and mutilate yourself until we fit someone else’s definition of us.

Even the resolutions we consider “benevolent” - be kind, help more, be happy, can be insidious. Who, what, where, when and how did we DECIDE we weren’t being that? There is no New Year’s resolution that does not start with a judgement!

Here’s the kicker: judgement and change cannot co-exist!

But what if nothing is wrong? Wut? I know, but hear me out. You CAN create exactly the life you desire without using problems as the fuel that gets you there.

Were you “today year’s old” when you figured out that all of the resolutions from all of the years still haven’t given you the life you desire?

Instead, on January 1st, start with this question (which is one of my favorites from Dain): What else is possible, that you don’t think is possible, that if you would allow for the possibility would actualize a new reality? Be sure to let me know what happens!

What if it didn’t have to be so hard? What if change can be fast and fun? What if instead of taking a whole year to make a mediocre difference, you can choose 4 days to learn the tools that can change everything and create the life you most desire?

That, my friend, is the Access Consciousness Foundation class and I have one coming up January 21-24, 2022.

So what’s my New Year’s resolution? Evolution! Will you join me? Will you be daring enough to choose something different? I’m here for it!


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AND, if you’d like to kick off the New Year with some fun and possibility right away, I have a gift for you!  I’m launching another FREE 7 Day Being You Beauty Challenge starting in 2 DAYS, January 1st 🤩  Whether you’ve joined the challenge before or not there’s always more to explore, and I’ll be going Live daily with some fun tips and questions.

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See you “next year” 😉!

P.S.  Just for you just for fun, a gift to contribute to you in actualizing all you desire!  Pop this as your phone screensaver as a reminder to ask this question daily 😉😘

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What Else Is Possible?

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