Hello sweet friend!!


Did you hear that I added a new activity to my Possibility Playground membership?! And, it’s not just for members 🤩

If you’re already a member you’ll receive this new addition as part of your membership. If you’re not a member, you are warmly invited to come join us!

So, what did I add??
A monthly Visualization Journey.

It’s kind of like a guided meditation, but instead of tuning out the world you’re invited to tune into the space of you.

I began offering these energetic explorations a couple years ago, and every time we create a new one I am totally blown away.

This month’s Visualization Journey is TOMORROW, August 3rd at noon pst. (Your time in the world HERE)

I know, tomorrow is a big day! Free Zoom AND the Visualization Journey, how does it get better???

If you’d like to join us in tomorrow’s Visualization Journey click the button below to sign up.


Sign up for the Visualization Journey


This month we’re going to explore receiving. This element of being often gets dismissed and overlooked or even diminished into a superficial concept.

You willingness to receive changes everything. If you were willing to receive all of your awareness you would have total ease.

Will I see you there?


What Else Is Possible?

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